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Along with a helmet and a good bike lock, a NBR Bike Registration Pack is one of the most important accessories you can offer to your customers. It is a top-5 selling accessory and outsells kickstands 2 to 1!*

Stock the new NBR Bike Registration Pack!
"Take A Bite Out Of Crime"...
And make some easy add-on sales too.

Join the NBR Retail Partnership program and become a part of the best solution to fight bike theft.

The NBR Bike Registration Pack offers your customers a serialized tamper-resistant NBR label and a bonus Lost & Found Service accessory label, powered by our parent company BoomerangIt, Inc., all for the price of a single 10-year NBR registration.

  • NBR Bike Registration Packs in a convenient countertop display box
  • Wholesale prices (Quantity discounts are available!)
  • Customer Service Support at 1-800-848-BIKE (2453) x105

image of Retail Package image of Retail Display Box

The new NBR Retail Packs come in a countertop display box, 24 packs per box. Minimum quantity: 1 box. Delivery within 10 business days of order. Invoice with shipment. Payment due within 30 days of invoice. Free shipping with all credit card purchases.

Look for NBR labels on bicycles and accessories from Giant, Razor, Raleigh, Diamondback and Kryptonite!


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FOR MORE INFORMATION call us at 1-800-848-BIKE (2453) x105

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*Statistics from Penn Cycle, MN and Hank & Frank, CA.

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