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    Many stolen bikes are recovered by police but there is no way to identify the owner. With the NBR service, you can register your bicycle by serial number in our national database and apply the special label you receive to your bike. If your bike is ever stolen, it can be identified and you can prove ownership.
    Law Enforcement anywhere can access our database, advise us that your bike has been recovered, and you can be notified immediately.


    You can register online from our web site. Our highly encrypted and secure server allows you to use your credit card for the registration fee. If you prefer, you can register by phone (800-848-BIKE) or you can print out the registration form from our web page and return it, with your check, to NBR.

    $10 10 years of coverage for an individual bike
    $25 30 years Registration allows you to transfer your registration when you replace your bike. Notify NBR and we will change the information in our database and send you a new certificate and label. This registration is limited to one bike at a time and valid for 30 years.
    $25 Family Registration will cover up to 5 bicycles located at a single address. Each bicycle will have 10 years of coverage.


    NBR guarantees your registration. If your bike is stolen and not recovered by police within 6 months, NBR will register your next bike for free and the stolen bike information will remain in the database until the bike is recovered no matter how long it takes.

    NBR works. Check these testimonials.


    Once your information has been entered into the NBR database, we will send you a Certificate of Registration and an engineered, tamper-proof label to apply to your bike. The Certificate of Registration can be used to provide proof of ownership if you ever lose or misplace your sales receipt.

    NBR Label picture Our labels are specially engineered to be tamper-proof. They are designed to shred if removal is ever attempted. Police can identify a bike in the NBR database even with a partial label.

    First, locate the manufacturer’s serial number stamped on your bike. It is usually located in one of these four areas on your bike. Write your bicycle serial number on the label with a ball point pen. picture of bicycle

    To maximize its strength, pick a good location for the label on your bike. Look for a smooth surface. Under the top tube near the saddle is a good place. Application works best when the temperature is between 60° and 110° Fahrenheit, you can heat the bike frame with a hair dryer if necessary.

    Clean and dry the surface.
    Expose about half of the adhesive area and place exactly where you want your label. Peel back the rest of the liner paper and smooth the label on the frame. Press down firmly for about 2 minutes, giving special attention to the edges.

    For best results
    , let the label set for 24 hours before using the bike. Once the label is attached to your bike, it can not be removed intact. Your bike is now permanently labeled with your NBR number and your serial number is registered in the NBR database.


    Information about your bicycle is stored for the life of the registration in our state of the art database. This information is protected and maintained by NBR and only accessible to the bike owner and authorized law enforcement agents. You have unlimited and free access to your file if you ever need to change an address or contact information. Your information is private and protected, please click on Privacy for more detailed information.

    The NBR database can be searched by police using the serial number stamped on the bike by the manufacturer. Even if someone has been able to remove part of the label, your bike can be identified by serial number. The police can also search the database by make, model, color, and frame size, if the manufacturer’s serial number has been altered.

    NBR is working with Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide so that no matter where a bike is stolen or where it is recovered, it can be returned to you. NBR has maintained its database since 1984 and continues to use the latest technology to improve the service and expand police connectivity.

    If you would like to see a list of Law Enforcement Agencies working with the National Bike Registry, click here.

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